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Cats vs Dogs


I love cats, cats are my favorite besides unicorns and horses. Cats have a special thing that makes them special. Maybe it’s magic; I don’t know. I simply like them. I have a cat at home. His name is Prince Junior. He is so cute that everybody likes him. He is like a star in the blank sky. I’m addicted to cats. So many companies have a logo of a cat like Nyan video game cat.

Now dogs, dogs are cute, lovely, and sweet, kind and they protect their owner. They are the best. So here is a poem:

dogs are the best       it’s your choice

if you like them       I don’t know why

but they’re cute and sweet           lovely and kind

my dog Fluffy is the best to find

dogs by sharifa24a24

cats the favorite of them all by me

Author: fatoom

I am 11 years old. My name is Fatima


  1. Keep it up, Fatima and Sharifa.

  2. Nice post. I love it. Keep writing more. I loved it.

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