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My special mummy and aunties


My special mom is so special that nobody has a Mom like her. She is a hero and a Mom. She did so many things, like she held me in her tummy and she took the risk for my surgery. If she didn’t, I would be dead right now!

My mom is the best thing that happened to me from when I was little. She cared for me. She did a lot of things only for me. but my aunties are also like my mother, especially my 2 aunties, Fatima and Dunia. They did a lot of things for me, like my auntie Fatima made delicious food for us because we were tired. My auntie Dunia cared for me and a lot of things too. I also can’t forget what my auntie Layla, who is fighting cancer, did for me too.

I love you all and I wish you a happy mother’s day!!!!!!! Happy Mothers Day Bouquet Of Flowers 3 by GDJ

Author: fatoom

I am 11 years old. My name is Fatima

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