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Happy Mother’s Day

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Dear Mom,

I love You. Even if You Argue with me I want you to know I still love you no matter what.

Even The Most Precious Gem Can’t Resist your Beauty.

Mom you were the first name I ever said.

Every time I used to say M on my tongue that meant Mother.

You are my Hero, You Fed me Food, Gave me Milk, Made me Come To life!

How Couldn’t I love you?

You are Super Mom.

If You weren’t My Mom I would Cry. I will never Ever Disobey you.

You gave me Birth

I love you Mom

Your Heart is a big Red Flower

You are always My Hero, No Matter what

Bye Super Mommy,



PS. I love you so Much!!!!!!

Author: TEZgaming

Im a You tuber,Gamer,Singer I will Support My Family On Any Thing.

One Comment

  1. Nawaf, here is a comment from your mom:

    Nawaf you are my lovely son
    really no words can explain my feelings..
    I love you more than you expect.
    I love you before , now and always
    I love you forever❤

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