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happy mother’s day

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My mother is the best mother. Her name is Zahra. My mom loves us my mom and dad they are my life they want me to be the first every time, I love them.

Today I will first I talk about my lovely mom, my mom have hazel eyes, pink mouth, brown hair, white body.

She has white heart, my mom loves me and loves my dad and brothers, sister.  She loves mom and dad and her sisters, brothers and her family.

My family is my life. I love them all my parents of mom and dad. In 13-4-2017, I will do my birthday in the garden. I will tell my family to come. I will have my birthday in my home for my friends.

I love you, Mom. For everything, thank you, for everything you do for me, my mom is like a queen.

And this for my mom: ‘Happy Mather Day, Mom, I love you.”

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  1. WOW !!!

    Mariam you are so great!

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