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Happy Mother’s Day!


21/3 Is the mothers day. Just say thank you to your mother. I can’t leave my mother. I can’t live without my mother. A mother is like a pearl, you can’t find her easily. I can’t exchange her with anything.

But I don’t understand  why there is no Father’s Day.


  1. Khadija, there is Father’s Day.

  2. So amazing, Khadija!!! Do more, and you will be even better!

  3. Thank you for answering me Zain, but I am not sure about it.

    • Dear Khadija,

      You are so right!! A mother is like a pearl you can’t find her easily. We should appreciate our mothers every day.


  4. In reply to Khadija,

    There is Father’s Day on June 18 even check on google, and write when is Father’s Day in Bahrain it will tell you 18 of June.

  5. Dear Khadija,

    One time last year I was in Marks and Spencer. There they wrote ( Happy Father’s Day ). The reason maybe you don’t know that is that it is not really that popular celebration. Maybe, that note they wrote in Marks and Spencer is because they love fathers. Also we all know that the mother is more important than a father for an exact reason. Maybe, really that fathers day is real, but if you want the current answer you can check the calendar.


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