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Stop Bullying


Stop Bullying is a small logo that sixth graders owned this year. I, as a fifth grader would like to talk about it, for bullying is not a good thing in our community. As not to bully is the good thing.

                What is the use of not bullying? 

As we all know that bullying is a bad thing so we don’t make it even though some people do it, but we should not do it, so what is the use of not making it?

If we are not bullying there will not be any dangerous things in our life. If we are not bullying there will be no unfair laws. If we are not bullying people will not die in big amounts. If we are not bullying there will be nothing bad in our life. Some people bully because they think it is okay, but it is not instead it is really dangerous.

With bullying there will be…

  1. Dying.
  2. Unfair laws.
  3. Innocent prisoners.
  4. Fires.
  5. People will not be helpful.
  6. People will not and hand by hand.
  7. And all bad things that you could think of.


Author: salmaa22

My name is Salma Albaz. I am 10 years old and I blow my candles on the 27th of May. I am a fifth grader and I study in Alraja School in Bahrain, though I am an egyptian. My dream is to be a scientist because science is awesome.

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