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Hi, I’m Zain in grade 5 and today I will be talking about something you should do every day:

You should always imagine seeing things that you can’t do or will never come true. But you need to take something to symbolize what you’re imagining and if you would like to know about some examples check out Ayman’s blog yesterday.



Author: ZozyZain

I post blogs daily, and I love puppies and wish to have one someday. I have lots of friends, and some also have blogs but don't post daily.

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  1. Hi Zain,
    I like how you linked to Ayman’s blog. I would like to hear some examples of your own too.

    You can look for an image for this post. Use one of the free image webpages below. Then you can upload it to the class blog. I can help you tomorrow if you need help.

    Here are the free sites we will use:

    Keep up the good work,
    Mrs. Denise

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