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A Computer Problem

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I was sitting on our computer writing a Slice of Life, as always. Suddenly, a notification said: ” A harmful software has been detected”. I clicked on it and the computer automatically went to “Windows Defender”. It showed that the PC status was “At risk”. It also showed that there was 2 VIRUSES in the computer. My heart started beating. It said that both the viruses were SEVERE. The recommended action was to clean the PC from the software that had both the viruses.  I clicked “Clean PC” and it started cleaning. It eventually took 5 minutes for the PC to clean. And thank goodness, the computer wasn’t harmed.

If your computer was powered by Windows, go weekly to “Windows Defender” and scan it. If there was a virus or spyware, you can clean it. You can also see how’s the PC status.

Image result for windows defenderThis is a picture of Windows Defender.

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  1. Oh no! I am glad you got that fixed right away, or the end results would not have been good. I love how you used the picture to add more details to your post!

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