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Sunday, #sol17 Day 5

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We are involved in the Classsroom Slice of Life Writing Challenge. This is Day 5 of #sol17. Enjoy! Click here to see the other classes that are participating.

Poetry, Life and Ghosts by Fatima A10

Jobs by Muhammad

A Campfire at Camp by Ayman

The Worst Times in Life by Khadija

Starting a New Blog by Mohammed

Being a Gamer by Amr

If I got one week off school and I got a lot of money, I would buy a camera, a laptop, or a computer, and I will make a YouTube set. Let the gaming begin, and I wish to get 1 million subscribers. My name will be Awesomegamer662.

My Life by Mohd Hamza

I play football after school. Then I study for one hour. Next I do whatever I like.

Slice of Life by Ali Mohd

When I got up I was going to brush my teeth, but the toothpaste was gone. So I walked to my dad and mother’s room. My dad gave me his toothpaste. It tasted weird, but at least I brushed my teeth.

Fighting with my Sister by Durra

One time I was in my room. Suddenly my sister came and she took my science book. I was studying for a test, and she was running and laughing. When I was running after her, she dropped the book. I took it then.

I wanted to drink water. Then she jumped on me, and bit me and we started shouting. My father said, “What is happening?” Then Fatima said that I bit her. Then I said that she is lying. Then we started to fight again. Then my mom came and stopped us. Then my mother punished us.

The next week, this happened:

Durra’s Second Fight

Holiday Night Routines by Fatima M.

After dinner I go and change to my pajamas. Then I use the bathroom and brush my teeth. After I make some popcorn and watch two movies. Then again I brush my teeth and watch YouTube and eat candy and chocolate. Finally after YouTube, I put my phone in charge and brush my teeth again and go to sleep.

My Fighting with my Sisters by Reem

Every day I fight with my sisters, but I don’t know why. I remember one fight yesterday. When my mom gave us a white paper to draw on, my sister broke my paper. So I told her that I will take my colors from her. When I took them, she shouted at me and took my sister’s pencil case from em. She told her to bite me, so I told them that I can beat them because I am stronger than them. The fighting always starts from the middle sister because she always tells my little sister to bite me. But sometimes the opposite happens.

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