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A Campfire at Camp


On Friday, we went camping at a desert. There happened a lot of exciting and interesting things, but today I’ll talk about the campfire. At 8 P.M., some men began putting wood in a wide hole that had a bit of shallow. I overheard my friend that I was playing with asking: “What are you going to do with the wood? Are you going to make a campfire?” I stood three meters behind him still and waited for the answer. He said, “Yes! We are going to make a campfire!.” I was so excited. I quit the game that I was playing and sat near the shallow hole that the wood was crashing into. When they finally lit the fire, I could feel the warm air entering my bones. It was so warm! Some kids started throwing extra wood. I even got a piece of wood and threw it there. Some people knew it was warm, and they gave us kids some marshmallows to roast as they roasted some corn for all of us to eat!

I hope you had or will have an awesome event like this!

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  1. Hey, Ayman, what a cool blog you have.

  2. Sounds like the campfire was awesome!

    -Mrs. Sokolowski, 3rd grade teacher, NY

  3. Did you go to a camp fire in Bahrain?

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