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Dear Earth,

If you have a lot of friends you are lucky. Because you’ll have fun with them. But if you have only few friends like me, you can stay with them. But I like to be alone.

Friendship is a sign of love. They will be next to you at all times. They may tell you things that you didn’t learn before.

You may get friends from a club or in school or some other places. And you can tell them new things that they don’t know.

Please let me know that you have new friends.


Author: Denise Krebs

I'm the chief learner in life's adventure.


  1. Hi Muhammad! I really like what you wrote! I, too, have a few friends like you and I also like to be alone from time to time. Friendship is absolutely a sign of love, and I can tell you are super smart for knowing that in grade 5. I learn so much from my friends, and I bet you do, too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really enjoyed reading this!

  2. Me too Peyton! I have few friends too! Let me guess, are you Salma Mohamed’s Pen Pal in our class 5A?

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