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November 22, 2016
by Denise Krebs

Getting Smarter – How it works?

5B Blog Post by Hawraa M.


Do not believe you are born smart, you are getting smarter every year.
Here is how this works:
first-Your brain is just like a muscle.
second-When your brain receives more information, it gets stronger and that is the way your brain gets more useful, better and wiser.
third-That is how you become smarter!
fourth-Do not give up in your studies. That is not the way of becoming wiser and smarter, neither being responsible of your studies.

I hope you enjoy and thank you!

November 22, 2016
by Denise Krebs


Dear Earth,

If you have a lot of friends you are lucky. Because you’ll have fun with them. But if you have only few friends like me, you can stay with them. But I like to be alone.

Friendship is a sign of love. They will be next to you at all times. They may tell you things that you didn’t learn before.

You may get friends from a club or in school or some other places. And you can tell them new things that they don’t know.

Please let me know that you have new friends.


November 14, 2016
by Denise Krebs

Imagination Chapter

Have you ever wondered of making games and other things out of cardboard? Using the makey makey machine? Make things from other things? Well, go to the Imagination Chapter!! You will have so much fun and you will like it!

I go to the Imagination Chapter every other week. I have so much fun and we meet, build & play, and finally we share what we’ve done. The last time we met I figured out how to plug the Makey Makey Machine and first we played a game in It was a game like super mario which was like collecting money and jumping. We plugged the space bar and the arrow keys and we tested it. We successfully did it!!! Our teacher Mrs. Denise gave us a doughnut which we used it for a space bar. We used our bodies for the arrow keys. After we saw that we’re getting the hang of it, we went to a racing game which was harder than I thought it will be. It took us a while until we got the hang of it. When time was finished, I shared what I did. I was proud of what I did!!!

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