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May 24, 2015
by Denise Krebs

A Chance to Win Orlando or Polly

Thanks to our friend, retired teacher Ross Mannell, you too can have a chance to win one of these cute teddy bears.

He’s doing this in honor of the third anniversary of his great commenting for kids blog.

If you haven’t met Mr. Mannell, you really should! Start with leaving a comment on this post to win a chance to get on of these teddy bears.

Orlando Pirate and Polly Princess

Image used with permission of Mr. Mannell.


May 18, 2015
by Denise Krebs
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New Song

Enjoying Sandwiches While We Sing About Them

One of our weekly songs is “Days of the Week,” sung to the tune of “The Addams Family.”

One class always likes to sing “Sandwich” instead of “Days of the Week.” So, today, we stopped and decided to write a new song, called “Sandwich.”

It goes like this:

Sandwich (clap, clap)
Sandwich (clap, clap)
Sandwich, sandwich, sandwich (clap, clap)

There’s Nutella and there’s chicken.
There’s egg and cheese and mushroom.
There’s jam and peanut butter.
And then there’s hamburgers.

Sandwich (clap, clap)
Sandwich (clap, clap)
Sandwich, sandwich, sandwich (clap, clap)

Listen to our song: Sandwich

You can watch it here.

May 5, 2015
by Denise Krebs

3-Letter Words for Show and Tell

Last week Show and Tell was to do or bring in something that was three-letter words. We had someone hop and someone run. We had lots of toys and artifacts that were three-letter words. We even had to be able to spell the words in English. (Here’s a trick; can you find one word that is not three letters?)

Show and Tell

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