Kindergarten Students Write About Their Zoo Trip

Look what the precious KG2 students have drawn and written! Last week they took a trip to the wildlife park.

I love their artwork. They really made some lovely animals.

They all wrote words too. Some wrote words they copied from the board. Some had the teacher write the words they chose. Some used inventive spelling to write their own sentences. Great work!

Our Trip to the Wildlife Park by KG2A

Our Trip to the Wildlife Park by KG2B

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  1. Cogan Reply

    Hello Mrs. Krebs,
    My name is Cogan and I am one of Mrs. Donofrio’s 8th graders. Congratulations to the kindergarten for writing and drawing the beautiful pictures of the wildlife park. This week is Catholic School’s Week, (as you may know) and my school has a lot of fun during this week! We have bounce houses, a book fair, a talent show, etc. We also have buddy day where we get paired up with younger classes and we play games, draw, and talk.

    What do you think is one of the most fun weeks of school?

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