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February 26, 2013
by Denise Krebs

Mystery Skype to B.C.

We had a fun Mystery Skype session last week. It was the first time we kept guessing until we got to the city. It took a while for our friends in Canada to find our small town! In fact, we Skyped right through our lunch break. (We did get our food and made it a working lunch!)

Here are the reports from the students.








February 8, 2013
by Denise Krebs

The Evolution of a Series

How long does it take for something to become a series? Three tweets?


Here are three tweets that we think have started a series. We have been seeing some amazing and inspiring videos of creative genius, so we thought a series might be in order.

Check out the first in the series. Have you seen these? All we can say is WOW!

Do you have any WOW videos you’d like us to share?

Just add it to the comments. Or tweet it, mentioning @KrebsClass so we’ll see it. We’ll pass it on and tell everyone we learned about it from you. Thanks!

February 4, 2013
by makennascs18


Today during study hall I went to MorgueFile and I found a picture of cupcakes. Here is the link to the picture before I edited it. Then I went to BeFunky to edit the picture. First I cropped the picture a little. Then I made it so that there would be four pictures of the cupcakes. When I was done I put the word cupcakes on it and added a border on the outside.

The reason why I used the picture of the cupcakes is because I thought that they looked really good. I think if you ever need to edit a picture I think you should use BeFunky because it is a good picture editing website. Here is a picture that I edited.

By MaKenna

Here is the picture I edited.

February 1, 2013
by Denise Krebs

Quick Blog Challenge

Today was a busy day. We had a service project this morning, leading a Bingo game for our senior citizens and community members. It was well-received, and the students had brought really great prizes. In the afternoon we had a trip — ice skating and time at a local college’s recreation center and game room. Lots of fun!

However, when we came back from Bingo this morning, I had all 7th and 8th graders together in my classroom for thirty minutes before lunch. I pulled out the popsicle sticks with names and created random pairs. Then I gave this challenge, “Work together to write a blog post that includes an image. Topic is ANYTHING! Try to publish it within thirty minutes.” They got right into it, and about half managed to publish theirs. Maybe more later, but here is what was published this morning:
Bingo Basketball
Another Bingo Post
One More On Bingo
Strawberry Pie
Catholic Schools Week Activities

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