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Off the Cuff Thursday Posts

Students wrote about anything they wanted to today. Here are their posts.

Anna – My Summer Vacation
Jade – Realistic and Unrealistic Goals for Summer
Deven – Five Best Apps
Anna – Hi
Jaci – Mixed-Matched Socks
Grace – Basketball
Shiann – Iowa
Meghan – Basketball Game
Vanessa – Inspiration
Justin – RC Cars
Becca – Basketball
Andrew – Minecraft
Paul – Writing a Children’s Book
Christina – New Glasses
Krayton – Basketball
Paris – Basketball
Chandler – Building a Birdhouse
Jason – Auction

6 Responses to “Off the Cuff Thursday Posts”

  1. My pet gorilla. Matthew

  2. My summer vacation. My suumer vactation was really fun going to Michigan. Tubing, fishing, and swimming is all we do and then have smores at night. When we wake up we have pancakes with bacon or sausage.

  3. My summer vacation. I went to St. Louis. It was really fun because I went up into the arch.

  4. my summer was boring. I just played outside all day.

  5. This summer vacation, I went to Virginia to visit my friend. It was so much fun!

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