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March 29, 2017
by ali24a3


I have been in taekwondo for one year. I participate in lots of tournaments. Sometimes I lose and sometimes I win. I am the only one in the class who is playing in taekwondo. I will keep it until I grow.

March 29, 2017
by ultra gaming

Diamante poem

Clash Royale

amazing                               fun

sending                   building           unlocking

the best                        game                             ever

hacking            cheating           stealing

worst               game


March 29, 2017
by Beastgamer662

Diamante Poem


fun,    amazing

succeeding,   strategizing,  winning

both are amazing  fun

sitting, winning, succeeding

awesome strategies

Clash Royale

March 29, 2017
by angy24a7
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Life is just like a game. Why are we here? You’re asking. Well, life is full of adventures and wonder, but we don’t get to live it. Because, we’re busy working. Imagine you holding a cup, how much does it weigh? I know your answer was a number. Well, it’s wrong. The longer you hold it, the more you will be tired. If you held it for one (1) hour your hand will hurt. Our life is the hand. We hold our life forever, so just put down the glass and rest.

March 29, 2017
by hawra24a13



beautiful , nice

eating,     running,    playing

Love      school      too      much

listening,     reading,   writing

best,   exiting

my favorite


March 29, 2017
by sharifa24a24

Diamante poem


active       athletics

tumbling      splitting    handstanding

Gymnastics                      is              my                  life.

sleeping                   dying         tiring

  grumpy              ugly


March 29, 2017
by fatoom
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Cats vs Dogs

I love cats, cats are my favorite besides unicorns and horses. Cats have a special thing that makes them special. Maybe it’s magic; I don’t know. I simply like them. I have a cat at home. His name is Prince Junior. He is so cute that everybody likes him. He is like a star in the blank sky. I’m addicted to cats. So many companies have a logo of a cat like Nyan video game cat.

Now dogs, dogs are cute, lovely, and sweet, kind and they protect their owner. They are the best. So here is a poem:

dogs are the best       it’s your choice

if you like them       I don’t know why

but they’re cute and sweet           lovely and kind

my dog Fluffy is the best to find

dogs by sharifa24a24

cats the favorite of them all by me

March 29, 2017
by fatoom



cute, cool

dreaming, sleeping, playing

cats make you cool

pooping, barking, annoying

ugly, grumpy


By Fatima and Sharifa

March 29, 2017
by MeltenRay55


Overwatch is a game which is about future. It’s 2 teams fight each other for 1 thing. To win, there are 23 characters.

You need to choose 1 of the 23 characters. You have 5 teammates and with you will be 6 people. Then you battle. You can be in the defending side or the attacking side. Then you battle to escort the payload or defend it. You need to attack to capture the point. You can sometimes defend it because sometimes both the teams attack to the point.

This is the game. And there are maps to play on.


March 29, 2017
by kawthar
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about sport

hi I love basketball because I am holding it with  my hand not like football.

And also I love football more than basketball because I now play football more than basketball.





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