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About Bahrain

Bahrain is a small country of islands in the Middle East. It’s here on the map between the h and r in Bahrain. Click on the map to see a map you can zoom in on.

Bahrain on Google Maps

Our school is a K-12 private school in Manama. Children learn in both Arabic and English. The students are all bilingual. They go to Arabic and English teachers. Some of the teachers, like me, are not bilingual.

Here is a great list about where to go in Bahrain and some of the many activities you can do here. Here are some pictures of Bahrain too:

100 Days of School

We had fun counting to 100 many times on the 100th day of school. Students brought in 100 treats and other interesting objects.




Some of the smaller items.

Here are 100 Oreos, each marked with a number 1-100.


We counted 100 steps in the hallway and made it to Grade 1A’s class.

We danced the Macarena as we counted to 100.

Do you celebrate the 100th day of school?

Kindergarten Students Write About Their Zoo Trip

Look what the precious KG2 students have drawn and written! Last week they took a trip to the wildlife park.

I love their artwork. They really made some lovely animals.

They all wrote words too. Some wrote words they copied from the board. Some had the teacher write the words they chose. Some used inventive spelling to write their own sentences. Great work!

Our Trip to the Wildlife Park by KG2A

Our Trip to the Wildlife Park by KG2B

How Much Does it Cost?

I recently returned from a trip to Bahrain. I took a picture at the gas station where we bought gas.

I thought you might be interested in finding out how the price of gas compares to the price where you live. You’ll have to do some research and math to figure it out.

Here are some facts that will help you:

  • BD stands for Bahraini Dinar, which is the currency in Bahrain.
  • The picture below shows the cost for one tank of gas: 5.095 BD for exactly 50.960 liters.

Please let me know if you take my challenge!


Headline Poems

Students wrote found poems using magazine headlines.

Our Latest Genius Hour on a Beautiful Spring Day

Here’s what we worked on during our latest Genius Hour.

Global Learners

Thanks to all those who answered our three geography surveys about “What do you call it?” The surveys have been taken over 250 times. A special thanks to our friends in the student blogging challenge who took the surveys for us. We will report back our learnings as soon as we figure out how to!



March Genius Hour Reports

We’ve had a busy spring. Because of snow days, Easter break, and TSA, we’ve not had genius hour for three weeks. We’ll be back at it this week.

Here are our March updates:

Cool Shot Basketball – Cooper Brian Dustin

Hula Hoop Rugs – Jade Kaylee Anna

Ripping Phone Books – Thomas and Lucas

Stop Motion with Race Cars – Deven and Joey

Sewing – Madi and Paige

Sounds 0f the Planets – Jared

Dodge cars – Jason

Writing another novel – Anna

Cross-stitching with love – Lauren

Teaching Piano – Atze

Rainbow Cake – Kennedy Sierra MaKenna

Stop Motion Animation Mini Farm – Jordan Mason David

Sewing slippers – John

TSA links

8th Grade

Atze, Cooper, Anna F., Jade, Thomas, Lucas, Deven, Joey, Lauren, Brian, Dustin, Kaylee, Madi, Anna S., Jared, Jason, Paige

7th Grade

Sierra, Jordan, Mason, John, David, Kennedy, MaKenna


Let’s Scale-Up Genius Hour

Angela Maiers has inspired me lately. She does that quite often. Now it’s about scaling up Genius Hour. It’s taking “You are a genius, and the world needs your contribution” to a new level.

You can read more at the link above and at, and be sure to read the You Matter Manifesto.

Do you believe it? Yes, I hope you do!

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you plan your next Genius Hour project:

What matters to you? What breaks your heart about it?

What matters to God? What breaks God’s heart?

Consider issues like pollution, endangered animals, slavery, drug abuse, suicide, global climate change, poverty, disease, illiteracy, injustice, intolerance, abortion, bullying, what else?

What are you going to do about it?

How can you join God in working to solve that problem?

Are you willing to suffer for it?

Can you build grit, determination, perseverance, stick-to-it-iveness during your Genius Hour project?

I want you to consider some of these questions
for your next Genius Hour!

We have already had good examples of this kind of genius at work. Like when Jade and Kaylee made many scarves and then sold them at the benefit for Laurel.


The world needs your genius!